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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:17 am

Rule 1: Forum Behavior

This rule is set in place to keep the hostility on the forums to a minimum, without restricting you from enjoying the freedom. This rule includes flaming, flame bating, spamming, posting of pornography / gore / anything NSFW (not safe for work.)

(On these forum, we define flaming as 18+ material. Words you would hear on games rated Mature 18+. So basically, don't talk like you're the character from GTA.)

Discrimination, which includes racism, religious hatred, sexism, or anything along those lines is not tolerated throughout any board on this forum, and is highly enforced.

Rule 2: Misuse of Official Forum

Misusing the official forums fall under the categories as followed (everything isn't listed here, so moderators have the obligation to decide what's right, and what's wrong.) :

- Flaming / Flame Baiting
- Derailing topics
- Harassing members / moderators
- Grave digging topics over 2 months old
- Abusing the report system
- Spamming
- Posting information private or otherwise sensitive to other members, such as address, phone number, private email, etc.

We do not encourage the sharing of pornography / gore through private messaging, but we have no control over whether you do it or not.

"What about my freedom of speech?"

Skape Forums is a privately operated message board under which the administrators and moderators decide what content may or may not be posted.

Rule 3: Respect

This is a big part of an online community, because without it, there is no barrier between what's right and what's wrong. This rule applies to it's members, as well as the moderators / administrators who use the forum as they are a member of it too.

Basically, if you've been given an infraction for disrespect, it's under the decision of the moderator who gave you the infraction, so arguing with them is pointless. (If you feel that you were wrongly infracted, you can always report the moderator for abuse and one of the administrators will review your claim.)

Rule 4: Advertising

This includes posting links publicly to your website, posting misleading links (rick roll, mudkipz, etc), posting links to pornography / gore, and giving direct download links is prohibited throughout the boards (direct download links does not apply to the downloads section, but you must verify / give a description of the link before you post it.)

If a user asks for a link to your website privately (visitor message, private message) you are permitted to provide them with one.

Rule 5: Encouraging Others to Break Rules

Simple enough. Encouraging others to break the listed rules is a bannable offense, whether you're doing it privately, or publicly, we do not tolerate it. This includes as followed:

Telling another user that a rule is something it's not.

Harassing another user into breaking the rule.

Publicly promoting users to break rules (creating threads, replying to threads, etc.)

Rule 6: Scamming

Whether it's password scamming, or account scamming, it's highly offensive, and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If you're caught, reported, or even thought of, will be punished severely. You don't want anyone to scam you, so why do it to them? Simple enough to understand, as well as follow.

Rule 7: Invasion of Other Communities

The rules of Skape are set in place to keep peace and order without causing disturbance within the community. But, we cannot enforce the rules outside of the community. The invasion of other communities causes problems that span from spamming the boards, to DoS attacks between one another, and ultimately bringing the involved sites to a standstill. So, we've added this rule to keep that from happening. Anyone doing the following will be harshly dealt with:

- Assisting in the creation of invasions or raids of other communities.
- Initially raiding another community, causing mayhem throughout the forum.
- Encouraging others to create an invasion of another community.

Our administrators will try to work with the involved site administrators to give us the IP addresses of the invaders, so we can target the offenders, and deal with them accordingly.

Rule 8: Staff Impersonation

Impersonating a staff member, whether it's in-game or on the forums, is not tolerated. Anyone who claims to be a moderator without verification is obviously lying, and you are to report that user immediately. Staff impersonation includes:

- Publicly addressing that you are a moderator, when in doubt, have no physical evidence of your position.
- Creating names with the words "mod" or "admin" in them.
- Claiming you're a hidden moderator.

Our staff appearance is as followed:

Administrators: Red name
Super Moderators: Grey name
Sectional Moderators: Green name
Donators: Yellow name

Ultimately, you can find our staff list here.

All administrators have the authority to change / add / delete rules if necessary.

These rules and the TOS are binding. If you did not take the time to carefully read them and or the TOS this is your fault. Keep in mind your accounts are property of Skape and may be altered at any time without your consent or prior notice. Also keep in mind that posts are the property of the user, therefore Skape takes no responsibility for the content posted by the members. You are responsible herein for the rules, TOS, and you agree to follow these, lest your account be suspended. Also keep in mind all punishments are at a moderator's discretion. Once again, you are responsible for these rules, you are responsible for the TOS and all other documentation that has been posted regarding rule changes, etc, and it is not our fault if you did not read them, and chose to keep yourself uninformed.
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Forum Rules
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