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 In-Game Rules

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PostSubject: In-Game Rules   Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:22 am

Rule 1: In-Game Behavior

In-Game Behavior is a big part of keeping a standard environment for people to play the game. Enforcing this rule will do just that. This rule includes flaming, flame-baiting, spamming, and racism. We define flaming as 18+ material. So keep it PG-13.

Racism includes discrimination of race, religion, nationality, and gender. If you're caught discriminating against any of the foresaid, you will be punished.

Rule 2: Advertising

Simple. Don't go in-game, and start spamming with your game / link to your game. We do not tolerate this action, and we won't under any circumstances. Advertising includes misleading people to a website that contains pornography, malware, illegal content, etc. Rickrolling or mudkipz is not tolerated either.

Rule 3: Macroing

Macroing (botting, auto clicking, etc) is a Big Issue. This is why we set this rule in place so we can combat the autoers. In the future, we will be implementing an auto-catcher in the game, but from now on, this rule stands: If you're caught macroing, your account will be permanently banned, with no appeal.

As we cannot completely stop people from breaking this rule, we will be strictly enforcing it throughout the game.

Rule 4: Account Sharing

Account sharing is strictly prohibited, because we get too many complaints about your "items being missing" or your "password has been changed." If you don't want any of that to happen, simply don't give out your password. Now, this does not include the trading of accounts. If you trade your account to someone, ONLY YOU have been granted access to that account, no one else (not even the person who traded to you.)

Rule 5: Glitching

The way we define glitching is giving yourself and unfair advantage in the game. This includes multi-logging, item duplicating, etc. If you're caught glitching, in the manner of giving yourslef an unfair advantage, you will be permanently banned with no appeal. We strictly enforce this game in-game, and we expect you to understand.

Rule 6: Scamming

Scamming is a big issue in a lot of servers, so this rule is to help try to stop the action of scamming. Basically, if you're reported, caught, or suspected of password / item scamming, you'll be banned. Multiple offenses of this rule will result in your IP being banned wherever it applies

All administrators have the authority to change / add / delete rules if necessary. Any rules not covered above can be found in the official forum rules, as those do apply in-game.

In addition, the forum rules do apply in-game. If you have not read the forum rules, please do so by clicking here. We have full authority to alter the rules at any time. If you've got a problem with anything posted above, please contact our forum / site administrators here.
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In-Game Rules
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